Sunday, 18 July 2010

Whitney and Urethra

Whitney and Urethra moved in yesterday. Roger put in the good word for them, saying that they were (possibly) his (very) distant cousins, and that they were ewes after all (just not east Friesian). Indeed, Whitney and Urethra are Pitt Island sheep - a rare breed found nowhere else in the world, possibly descended from Saxony Merino sheep brought to Pitt Island in the 1800s. Most Pitt Island sheep are black, just like Whitney and Urethra. Unlike Whitney and Urethra, however, Pitt Island sheep are not renowned for their singing abilities. Pitt Island rams grow spectacular horns (very similar to Roger's horns), and Pitt Island ewes can also have horns (although more commonly they just have scurs). Whitney and Urethra are sadly not blessed with horns, but we are all keeping our fingers crossed for their offspring. Lambpost's mother and brother are preparing to move out (possibly into the freezer).

Photo: Urethra (left) and Whitney (right), spotted eating grass by local Paparazzi. Despite both having had an illustrious career in the spotlight, they are somewhat camera shy.


  1. Okay, I don't EVEN want to know why a sheep would be named Urethra. Oy.

  2. She was meant to be named Aretha, but sheep are not as good at spelling as goats are...