Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Milk and cheese... eventually

I found an exciting (more scientific) site all about making cheese. Helen is getting progressively rounder, which means we will have a source of milk again in the next few months. Although she's unlikely to outstrip Katie in the milk-production department, she should do better this time round, as it will be her second kid (keep your fingers crossed for a girl). In any case, we will have feta again. I'm hoping to branch out to pecorino romano, and goat milk cheddar. I'm particularly excited about the cheddar, which is supposed to be tangier (and whiter, due to the goats' more efficient carotene conversion) than cows' milk cheddar - but the attraction of feta (aside from its taste) is that it is quick and easy to make.

Photo: Milk from Helen, from last season. It was quite a battle convincing Mr Farmer to try the goat milk (in non-cheese form). He (like so many other people) thought it would taste "goaty". In fact, a goaty flavour in the milk is due to the (smelly) buck being in with the does, or because of poor milking hygiene. Eventually Mr Farmer succumbed (when I stopped buying milk from the supermarket), and was pleasantly surprised to discover that it tasted "just like real milk." He had it in his coffee for the rest of the season... Can't wait to try him on sheep milk.

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