Sunday, 4 July 2010


Today Trevor moved out to live with his new girlfriend, who he met over the internet after receiving marching orders from Mr Farmer. It wasn't his fault - Katie and Helen were the ones who waged war on the pittosporums when they discovered the electric fence was off (they have also been given eviction notices, but haven't yet found a new home). Trevor left in a miniature horse float. He wasn't overly emotional - think he was more apprehensive about meeting his new woman for the first time. I expect that Katie will miss him (he fathered her twins Rogan and Josh, after all), but Helen never really seemed to like him that much.
With Trevor gone, I am now four and a half percent closer to the East Friesian Ewe Fund target.

Photos: Handsome buck Trevor posing for some photos before he left.

1 comment:

  1. I am very happy for Trevor in that he gets to meet a new woman. I know Mr. Farmer may be upset but it's not Trevor (or Katie and Helen's) fault that the electric fence was off now is it. Hmmm I think Mr. Farmer was a bit harsh ... poor Trevor :-(
    As for the East Friesian Fund .. I think I shall begin the donation process come my next paycheck. I remain in great anticipation for some lovely cheese ... as always.