Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Goodbye, Katie

On Monday (or Sunday, going by time), Katie was pronounced dead, having passed away peacefully in her sleep. Out of respect for our oldest and best-producing goat, there has been a two-day moment of blogging silence on the farm. I have yet to tell Trevor (who hasn't been in contact since he met his new girlfriend - we can only assume that no news is good news). Katie will be sadly missed by everyone (with the possible exception of the pittosporums, who felt somewhat threatened by her). Even Mr Farmer was sad. Helen is feeling a little lonely, being the sole goat on the farm - I have tasked her with mowing the front lawn for the funeral, to take her mind off things. She very helpfully offered to trim the pittosporums as well, since Katie can no longer perform the task.

The good news is that four East Friesian ewe lambs in Marton now have our names on them - when they grow their first two permanent teeth (which should have happened by early November) they will be ready to make the long trip northwards. That gives us four months to reach our target for the East Friesian Ewe Fund (and to install a towbar on the farm truck).

Photo: The good old days - Katie (back) and Helen (front) making short work of an unsuspecting tea tree. It was Katie who taught the others how to stand on their hind legs and really annihilate the local vegetation - she and Trevor used to team up, so that one would push a tree over, and the other would pull it down.

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