Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lonely turkey hen finds Prince Charming

Turkey eggs - no relation of Yortu or Bob.
Yortu the traveling turkey arrived on the farm in early July. At that time, she was a lonely turkey hen, searching for somebody to love her. Although Yortu had long believed that Mr Right would be a turkey, the wit and charm of the Guinea Fowl was too much for Yortu to resist, and she moved right on in.

Although the Guinea Fowl can indeed be charming and witty, they have developed a bad reputation around the farm as being bullies and scoundrels. Certain members of the farm were worried that the Guinea Fowl had taken advantage of Yortu's loneliness and burning desire to belong, and so Yortu was set up on a date with a handsome young turkey named Bob.

Bob was a 6-month-old turkey from a stable, family-oriented background. He had everything that a lonely turkey like Yortu could possibly want - looks, no brains, and a reasonably-sized snood. Yortu was smitten from the moment Bob arrived on the farm (August 13), and Bob could hardly contain his excitement at the thought of a lonely turkey hen, just waiting to be swept off her feet. Bob went bright red and started gobbling, and Yortu puffed up her feathers and did the most sultry walk she could muster past Bob's cage. The pair have been inseparable ever since, but the relationship has clearly become more serious than just a couple of lonely turkeys having a good time. Marriage might even be on the cards, although sources say that it could well be a shotgun wedding. The reason for this rumour? Yesterday, two large, speckled turkey eggs were spotted in the agapanthus opposite the chicken house.

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  1. Oh, no! Don't let the kids see this sordid tale...er...tail...er...tale. Especially don't tell Albie as he will likely try to claim paternity.