Sunday, 10 July 2011

Two birthdays

The two new lambs, some 12 hours old, as yet
anonymous. Mr Farmer apologises for the blurry photo.
When we checked on Big Suffolk last night at around 8 pm, she was muttering things about epidurals and cesarians. The lambs, however, hadn't even started to arrive. Helen and the flock were nearby, just in case, and Albie was just over the other side of the fence, saying some very soothing things to Big Suffolk.

At 12.30 am, Big Suffolk was found in the paddock nursing twin boys. Albie, from the other side of the fence, said he'd never been through such a life-changing experience. Helen has been all clucky since - hopefully she is due in August. In the meantime, everyone is thinking very hard about names for the two newest additions to the flock.

Yortu is still here, but has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Early yesterday evening she was inducted into the Guinea Fowl Gang as a prospect - the Guinea Fowl Gang comprise two (possibly) male guinea fowl who wandered up the driveway one day, several years ago, with a little bit of coercion from Mr Farmer.

Yortu and the Guinea Fowl Gang, cruising the 'hood.
Initially, the guinea fowl lived as one with the chickens, even starting a romantic relationship with one of the Rhode Island hens. It never amounted to anything, and, since said hen decided to end the liaison, the guinea fowl have taken to chasing all of the chickens away and stealing their food. Yortu is currently happy to share with the chickens, but we wonder how long it will be before she becomes a patched member of the GFG. The search is on for a suitable partner for Yortu - someone from a stable background who is interested in settling down with Mrs Right, and starting a family, and might be able to convince Yortu to get back on the straight and narrow. Single gobblers are hard to come by at present, however.

Albie is still on the other side of the fence, in exactly the same spot as he was yesterday. He claims he needs the alone time to think hard about names for his two wee god-children, but everyone knows he's just forgotten how to get back through the fence.

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  1. I think Albie must be part Nubian. They often forget where they are, not to mention what they were doing.