Sunday, 17 July 2011


The expectant couple
Three days ago, at feeding time, Helen asked if she could have hers to-go, in the neighbour's paddock. The reason, we suspect, is that she has grown too large to fit through the boundary fence. Two days later, the lure of feeding time became too much, and Helen decided to brave the fence. She almost got stuck, but after a lot of pushing and pulling, the fence gave a satisfying twang, and Helen popped right through. She hasn't ventured back since. Yesterday, Mr Farmer discovered a very small amount of colostrum in Helen's udder. The countdown has begun - Helen should kid at the beginning of August. Albie is super-excited to be a dad, and (having been led back home from the neighbour's paddock), has not left Helen's side.

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  1. Ten, nine, eight ... who do we appreciate? Albie! The devoted dad-to-be :)