Saturday, 9 July 2011

Christmas and a birthday

Yortu, checking out the pigs.

It's been an exciting day on the farm. First, Mr Farmer spotted Yortu in the front garden. Nobody is sure where Yortu came from, but it's been several hours, and Yortu is still hanging out with the sheep. She's been invited to move in full time, and is allowed to bring a boyfriend and raise a family (or come for Christmas dinner).

Big Suffolk, in labour.
In other news, Big Suffolk was spotted in the top corner of the paddock shortly after Yortu's arrival, looking sheepish. On closer inspection, her water had just broken - Mr Farmer claimed that he could see not one, but two, water bags. We might be expecting twins. Big Suffolk is still in labour, but Helen is standing by as her birth buddy, trying to redeem herself. Helen is in trouble because she took Albie into the paddock next door yesterday, and left him there. Albie has been sitting patiently by the fence ever since.


  1. Oy, that Helen. Albie might have to take up with Big Suffolk who might not lead him astray. On the upside, he might take up with Yortu who might lead him on exciting adventures to foreign lands. You never know. How cool to have someone just drop in and decide to stay! Do you suppose she will be lonely?

  2. Unfortunately Yortu has fallen in with the wrong crowd - all morning she has been following the guinea fowl around. It looks like she might be here to stay. If you know of a nice, stable gobbler who is single and looking for Mrs Right, and might be able to set Yortu back on the straight and narrow, then please pass Yortu's number on. Since Roger was spotted carousing with the Pitt Island girls this morning, it might be best for everyone if Albie did take up with Big Suffolk.