Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Two new additions to the farm arrived today - Rodney and Heather. In typical lamb fashion, they arrived at the beginning of a patch of wet, windy weather. Proud mum is a Suffolk, proud Dad is Roger the Arapawa. This is the first set of twin lambs to arrive since I have been on the farm. In an effort to keep them warm and dry, we made bread-bag raincoats for them. The bread bags are a bit loose, which just shows how tiny the wee lambs really are. I offered to take them in and raise them as my own (in our warm, dry house), but Mr Farmer and their mum objected. Roger wasn't bothered - he just wanted to know if we were going to feed him.

Cliff, Nancy and Kim are out of the bush, thanks to some enticing promises of food from Mr Farmer this afternoon. So far, no piglets...

PHOTOS: The twins and their mum (and, in photo number three, one of the remaining Three Little Pigs) in the miserable almost-Spring weather.

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