Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Since Arthur left, I have been milking Helen twice daily. Apparently milking twelve hours apart helps to maximise production, which means 6.20 am starts. On Sunday evening, production was poor. I didn't bother measuring it, but Mr Farmer saw it and muttered "she's not a real milking goat" (much to Helen's embarrassment). On Monday, production was still low. I've started feeding Helen molasses and more grain at milking time, adjusted my milking technique (the last little bits of milk can be accessed by stripping down from the top, rather than milking from the bottom) and (now that Helen is over Mr Farmer's comments, and is slowly coming to terms with being a milking goat rather than a mum) production is slowly increasing. It is unlikely that she'll ever out-do Katie, but we might make a small batch of feta cheese tomorrow night.

The pigs have still not given birth - however, it is pouring with rain, which usually seems to spur them on.

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