Wednesday, 25 August 2010


In preparation for his move to a new home (with four children, another goat and a horse), Arthur was rubber-ringed on Sunday. This will mean he will grow into a sweet-smelling, hygiene-conscious wether, not an odorous buck like his father. Although he was initially a little sore, he has since been spotted gamboling around the back garden, so can't be feeling the effects too badly.

In other news, Nancy and Kim are looking rather pregnant, and Cliff is looking decidedly pleased with himself. On Sunday we started feeding them on the house-side of the bush, to make it easier to move them into the paddocks for farrowing. Kim and Nancy are always somewhat reluctant to approach the electric fence line, but Cliff is never bothered (even when the fence is up and on)...

PHOTOS: Arthur keeping out of storm, and a very large-looking Nancy (it's the nipples that give her pregnancy away).

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