Saturday, 24 November 2012

Thanksgiving: A murder mystery

The accused, Trusty Sidekick, with one of the victim's
siblings, in happier times.
The trial of the dog accused of killing turkey chick De Ceased began in Fiveacres Court today. Trusty Sidekick was released on bail after her arrest last week on suspicion of murder, having being caught carrying a lifeless and wounded De Ceased in her mouth.

The prosecution allege that Sidekick, suspected to be a prospect in the Mongrel Mob, was put up to the killing by convicted murderer Lecter.

After Sidekick and her legal team entered a not guilty plea, an outburst of fowl language saw parents of the victim, Tiff and Bob Turkey, removed from the dock.

Sidekick's legal team claim that De Ceased was the victim of neglect by his parents, and pointed to the De Licious debacle, the disappearance of the victim's sibling, and the fact that Chicken and Young Fowl Services (CYF) had already removed 20 newly-hatched chicks from Tiff and Bob's care prior to the incident.

Sidekick gave evidence that she had heard the cries of an injured turkey chick in the neighboring paddock, and had found De Ceased, apparently abandoned and badly wounded. Sidekick stated that she gently gathered the young turkey in her mouth and rushed him to Fiveacres to seek medical attention. Despite her dogged efforts, De Ceased died in Sidekick's mouth before she reached the boundary fence.

An egg-spert for-hen-sic investigator testified that De Ceased's wounds were consistent with puncture marks caused by teeth, but that the teeth could have been those of a cat, rat, stoat or dog.

The prosecution today issued a statement that the defense's argument was merely a cheep shot at grieving parents. The trial continues next week.


  1. Oh, my. I do believe that you need to call in Inspector Albie Holmes and his trusty aide, Helen O'Watson. Surely they can gnosh out the truth of the matter. What happened to Yortu????

  2. Helen O'Watson is on maternity leave - looks like Inspector Albie will have to call on the local Stytion to get to the bottom of the mystery. Yortu packed up and left after she heard about Bob's passionate love affair (and 22 children) with Tiff - rumor has it she is living with a flock of pukekos in the paddock next door.