Friday, 16 November 2012


Halloumi, with good friends Greek salad and
lemon-garlic dressing
(and a bit of ricotta)

4 L goat milk
1 t rennet dissolved in 1 t water
10 T salt

1. Heat milk to 95°F (35°C).
2. Add the rennet dissolved in water, and whisk in. Cover and leave to sit 1 hour, or until a clean break is achieved.
3. Cut the curds into 1" squares, and rest 10 minutes.
4. Spoon the curds out to drain in a cheesecloth - retain the whey (you'll need it all). Leave the curds to hang for 24 hours.
5. Meanwhile, combine 4 C whey with the salt, and refrigerate - this makes your brine. Refrigerate the rest of the whey - you'll need it for cooking your curds.
6. After the curds have hung for 24 hours, cut them into chunks. We cut our curds into four, giving us chunks 1" thick.
7. Heat the whey to 194°F (90°C) - watch the temperature closely, and don't exceed 203°F (95°C). As the whey heats, ricotta will start to form on the surface. You can skim this off and put aside - or ignore it (it makes only a small amount, which annoys Mr Farmer, but it is very tasty).
8. Cook the curds in the whey for 30 minutes, watching the temperature closely. The chunks of curd should be almost spongy after cooking.
9. Remove the curds from the whey, drain until cool, then add to brine. Leave 24 hours, to let the flavor develop.
10. Give a treat to the generous goat who provided you with the milk.

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