Friday, 6 July 2012

Earl E. Lamb and his half brother

Earl E. Lamb
Big Suffolk and Roger are proud to announce the birth of their son, Earl E. Lamb.

Whitney and Roger are also proud to announce the birth of their son, as yet unnamed.

Earl E.'s younger half brother
The rest of the community at Fiveacres say they already knew, because torrential rain and lambs go hand-in-hand, and also because Ewes of the World lambpooned Roger when it covered his brief but passionate affair with Whitney five months ago. Lambmentably, Big Suffolk and Whitney are not on speaking terms. Roger is feeling rather sheepish about the whole calambity, but is secretly ewephoric about being a father yet again.


  1. Earl is the bomb. For a sheep. I even like him, and I am a goat. Now, then, where are the baby goats, I ask you? Is Helen being coy?

  2. That is a compliment indeed! You are not the only one asking about the baby goats, but Helen is being coy. We are hoping for Spring goats...