Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Venus and Serena Woolliams (left and
right), with proud mother Arethra.
On the final day of Wimbledon, Venus and Serena Woolliams arrived on the farm in their pristine white tennis outfits. Proud mother Arethra's joy was short-lived, but much to Arethra's relief, so were the accusatory stares of the other new mothers in the flock. In a hidden corner of the paddock, a much bigger scandal was taking place. Fritzl's mum was giving birth again, this time to a little girl, Kerstin.

Kerstin. Cute, despite the awkward
family situation...
Roger claims that Fritzl's mum jumped the fence, but everybody knows that Roger is the only ram on the block. Additionally, Kerstin's resemblance to Fritzl and Roger is striking - but then, with such close family ties, that is only to be expected...

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  1. Well, we all must keep (cute) face amidst adversity ... even when it is just vicious gossip. :)