Monday, 8 August 2011

Pregnant Pauses

Helen's colostrum was milky this afternoon.

Kim is building a nest.

Cliff and Albie are standing by nervously, holding trotters in a very masculine gesture of support. Roger, just over the fence, is waiting with his flock (or what remains of it, after the Pitt Island girls were lured into the top paddock with the super-secure fences).

Nicole Ritchie agreed to appear on camera,
shortly before helping us to lure her mum
back from the neighbour's paddock, and
into the top paddock with the super-secure
fences. She declined to give autographs,
although Albie asked so nicely.
Roger is still convinced that he is the father of Helen's unborn kid, however Albie says that Roger ought to be content with his four current children. Big Suffolk doesn't seem overly concerned about the variety of mothers that Roger's children have, and the Pitt Island girls are still trying to figure out how they got trapped in the top paddock with the super secure fences. Nobody has challenged Cliff's paternity (who would go there, say the sheep, Kim's such a pig).

Paternity and maternity issues aside, we are all very excited about tomorrow.

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