Sunday, 14 August 2011

Happy birthday, Vindie-Lou (finally)

Thursday was day 150, but Helen had heard from the sheep that a cold front was coming later in the week, and, according to the ewes, there is no better time to give birth than when it's wet and cold. So Helen held off.

Vindie-Lou, just minutes old, having a bath.
By day 152, there was a strong suspicion that the gestation period had been incorrectly calculated. Albie was starting to get nervous. Roger was still gloating confidently.

On the morning of day 153, the polar blast arrived. By 9 am, Helen had bagged up. The contractions started after 11, and Albie whipped down to the local store to buy some cigars (where he ran into Roger, also there for cigars). Helen started doing her breathing exercises, and declined an epidural. Finally, at 12.30 pm, Vindie-Lou was born. Although a team of medical experts were standing by, Helen managed to do it all by herself, for the first time ever. Quite a feat, for a small goat with a rather substantial-sized kid. The last part of the birth was caught on camera - the video, below, is not for the faint hearted, and (says Helen) highlights the benefits of a caesarian section.

Vindie-Lou, modeling this season's latest in lamb wear
(much to Albie's horror)

Vindie-Lou and Helen are spending the night under cover (Mr Farmer declined to let them inside by the fire for the evening), Vindie-Lou wearing her new lamb jacket, tired out after an afternoon of milk drinking and wobbly skipping.

There is one small problem, as identified by Roger. Vindie-Lou is completely white. Albie is not. Vindie-Lou has small, slim (slightly lop-sided) ears. Albie does not. Vindie-Lou has an unusually long tail for a goat. Albie does not... but Roger does...

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  1. Awww. We vote for Albie anyway. Vindie-Lou just takes after mom. Of course, being a lady, Helen isn't telling. Congratulations to Helen for a job well done!