Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Kid bucks the trend: No carseat

Blue Vein, all grown up.
Proud parents Helen and Shelford were today inundated with requests for parenting advice, after their kid announced he was moving out, getting a job, and paying his own rent. Helen confided that she thought her son Blue Vein was just kidding when he first made the announcement. "After a while," said Helen, "I could tell he was serious - no butts about it."

Said an excited Blue Vein "I've been milking it at home for long enough. I don't know whether I will return. It's exciting to be able to earn some doe. I'm looking forward to visiting the baas."

The rest of the interview was not reported, as Blue Vein kept butting in and bleating on.

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  1. It has to do with youth and testosterone. Peanut acts this way too, although, thankfully he hasn't tried driving. Yet.