Saturday, 21 September 2013

True Blue Vein

Helen (centre rear), tiny little Bluey (left) and buck Shelford,
a happy family.
It was a love story that rivaled Will and Kate, and maybe even Kanye and Kim. Helen von Danswan, heart-broken widow, found love on the internet when the short-but-handsome Alpine buck Shelford answered her ad in the lonely hearts column. Love at first sight was followed by a whirlwind romance; Helen and Shelford have been inseparable since Shelford arrived at Fiveacres early in March.

But whirlwind romances attract gossip like poorly-fenced vegetable gardens attract goats; when Helen's midline began to expand, whispers of pregnancy could be heard all over Fiveacres. This morning, Fiveacres awoke to the news that Helen had gone into labour and delivered the couple's first kid, one four-and-a-half pound Blue Vein.


  1. Oh! Congratulations to the happy couple! The second time around is often better than the first! :)

    1. That is exactly what the happy couple are hoping! So far, so good...