Sunday, 23 June 2013

Guinea fowl gang leaders in remand on suspicion of racketeering


FIVEACRES: Guinea Fowl Gang president Karl O'Gambino and sergeant in arms Alexander (Al) Capone - both wanted for alleged abduction and racketeering - are tonight being held in the Stytion jail, charged with home invasion and theft. The pair were apprehended this afternoon stealing food inside the chicken house.

The gang - suspected of orchestrating unprovoked attacks on the local laying hens - came to the attention of the Farmyard Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after the disappearance of a young brown leghorn hen several weeks ago. Just prior to her disappearance, the leghorn had agreed to act as a witness to the guinea fowl's involvement in the gangland-style assaults. Fiveacres Stytion released a statement alleging fowl play in the young hen's disappearance.

Says one concerned Fiveacres hen, who wished to remain anonymous, "the chicken community are thrilled at the news that the guinea fowl are behind bars - we hens have been laying low since the attacks started. Our rooster has been crowing about the arrests all day. It's great that the Guinea Fowl Gang can't hatch any more evil plans."

Investigators say they cannot rule out further charges being laid against the gang leaders.

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