Sunday, 6 May 2012

Better late than never

One happy bantam and her new chick.
Twenty-two days ago, the Little Black Bantam was busy sitting on two eggs. For seventeen days she sat, moving only to turn her eggs every half hour. Then, on Day Eighteen, along came the Big Impatient Bantam, who had been eyeing up the eggs for weeks. With one swift peck, the Big Impatient Bantam kicked the Little Black Bantam off the eggs. All the Little Black Bantam could do was watch from the nesting box next door.

On Day Twenty-One, one of the two eggs hatched. The Little Black Bantam had barely any time to admire little Colonel before the Big Impatient Bantam whisked the chick off to the Brooding Box. The Little Black Bantam moved onto the one remaining egg, just in case.
Her perseverance paid off. The Little Black Bantam's wish finally came true. The lonely egg hatched this morning, on Day Twenty-Two. The rest of the gossipy bantams are thrilled at the new addition to the family. They have named the little chick De Lay.

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