Sunday, 22 May 2011

Got milk?

The offending
cow's milk
Helen hasn't. We had to buy a bottle of cow's milk yesterday, because Helen has been dried off. Mr Farmer, who secretly doesn't mind goat's milk, opened the fridge this morning with a spring in his step, and greeted the cow's milk joyously. What a treat, he exclaimed. Cow's milk in his coffee. I thought Helen was out of earshot, but she looked awfully smug when Mr Farmer later announced that his tummy felt queazy - after all, any goat who can use google knows that cow's milk is comparatively less-digestible, more allergenic, and higher lactose goat's milk, so Helen is convinced that the cow's milk is the culprit. Helen is sure that now is a good time to reintroduce the Build-A-Milking-Shed campaign. She has her sights set on something like these goats have, although slightly more suited to a single doe, and perhaps with an adjoining apartment for her hygienically-challenged boyfriend.

Helen and Albie, BFFs
In the meantime, we are counting down to kidding. Helen misses her daily milking meal of apples, grain, and other treats (apparently sharing vegetable scraps and the odd slice of pizza with the sheep just isn't the same). Because Helen hasn't been spotted engaging in public displays of affection with Albie since 14 March, we are expecting her to kid around the beginning of August. This morning, Helen and Albie were spotted discussing kid names in a rare patch of late-Autumn sunshine.

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  1. Wow. That Helen is the lucky one to have actual SUNSHINE plus a man! Oy.