Saturday, 16 October 2010

Valerie Crow

Whitney and Urethra have been rather anti-social since their arrival on the farm, refusing to join the herd. Currently they are residing in the neighbour's paddock. This morning, I needed lard to seal the bandage on my first ever cheddar. Mr Farmer suggested that Whitney and Urethra might like to contribute (since they wont do anything else). We went down to see if they could herd them back up to our paddocks (one last chance to join the herd) - as it happened, they had already joined the herd, if only temporarily. Roger had neglected to tell us about the fleeting relationship he had had with them, which ended with the other ewes shunning Whitney and Urethra, who promptly relocated next door. The end result, however, was little Valerie Crow (Val, to her friends) - a jet-black fluffy little lamb with a few white markings on her face. Whitney and Urethra were somewhat relieved to have the situation out in the open. We suspect Val may have a half sibling on the way, although Whitney and Urethra are keeping very quiet. Lambpost's mum offered to help us out with the lard situation instead (plus tonight's roast dinner, and some sausages).
In other news, I attempted mozarella today, but somewhere along the way some bad bacteria made their way into the milk, so I turned it into Inglis' dinner instead. I suspect the yogurt may have introduced the bacteria.
PHOTO: Val Crow looking for her mummy after the photo shoot she and I had... she got mixed up and ran after Mr Farmer first, then the suffolk ewe, before giving up and popping back through the fence to her real mum.

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